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Engineering Industrial Design

QBIK specialises in the design of lightweight yet high strength equipment.  Harmonious designs start by defining how the key dynamics intertwine within the integral components to create a foundation of base understanding to ensure a robust design criteria.  This is achieved through conscious awareness of our environment and the human psyche throughout all steps of the product lifetime. 

We design products that are fit for purpose that flow as a natural extension grafted into the hands and minds of the intended user. 

Project Management

QBIK is strongly placed as an engineering design house that can manage all types of projects.  From first sketch through to mass manufacturing, from mineral development to EPCM of heavy industrial mining projects. 

Our quality management systems ensure excellence in control of risk and timely execution of critical path milestones.

Prototyping & Animation

QBIK provides fast prototyping and product animation to quicken the business momentum of your ideas while specialising in guiding your prototype smoothly through the transition to mass manufacturing.